Lemon: a natural ingredient for our detergents

Lemon: a natural ingredient for our detergents

The moments of conviviality, are undoubtedly among the most loved by Indian families who like to gather together in front of a beautiful set table. 
Among the least loved moments, however, there is no doubt what comes after, that is, 
do the dishes . 
Dishes, pots, plates, glasses, cutlery and all that we used to prepare and enjoy good food, pile up in the kitchen and waiting to be cleaned thoroughly and, if possible, without too much effort.

-- But can the dishes to wash effectively without wasting time and energy ? 
The answer is yes"! 
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 Fulltimefresh Dishes with Lemon. : www.fulltimefresh.com ----

Fulltimefresh Dishes Lemon has within it the lemon extracts, highly effective ingredient to thoroughly clean the dishes and remove them the bad smell that often tends to persist on the most delicate surfaces, such as glasses. 
Thanks to citric acid present in lemon , your dishes will be perfectly clean and sanitized with minimal effort.

What are the properties of lemon?

Lemon is a natural ingredient that for its properties was selected from Fulltimefresh for dishwashing.

  • It degreasing on areas, kitchenware and microwave.
  • Delete from the hands from dishes and pans from the egg odors, fish, garlic and onion.
  • It has antibacterial and disinfectant.
  • Deters insects from the crockery.

A tip for your dishes

If used habitually a dishwasher , you know very well that these useful appliances are not, however, free from defects. The dishes, in fact, they can exit the washing not perfectly cleaned and, alas, also malodorous.

Again, try using lemon . Place half a lemon in the basket of the dishwasher , in the middle of the dishes, and proceed with the normal washing. The result will be that you will get the perfectly clean dishes, pleasantly scented and, what is more, highly sanitized, thanks to the antibacterial properties of lemon.

Use lemon in the dishwasher, it will also be able to ensure a longer life in terms of time in this appliance, as the lemon manages to counteract the formation of limestone, which often is the main cause of the malfunction of the dishwasher.